Wednesday, July 02, 2008

speakin out

ok so i dont know if anyone reads when an atrist writes anything on here, but recently i was told by a couple of artist that i work with at sea world. in respect i leave out the names. but bryan has told me that i draw very cute. so i thought my drawings are not so cute bein i get rejected at time of pushin it a bit far when there are newbie artist drawing around me and i cant really push things as far as i would like to, but eh its all good. yeah so anyone know any good blogs on here of people the draw there caricatures pretty sick??? thats hip for "really f-ing exaggerated" haha


Gabriel Hunt draws sometimes said...
Just to name a few

AliBahmani said...

hello... my name is ali. i saw ur blog... its really so cute and ur sketches leaved a smile on my face when i saw them.anyway... im trying to learn caricature. im going to class and im following it. i wanted to ask if u can help me in my way?
i wont take ur time alot. just some directions.
u would really make me happy if u help me if u like.also sorry abt my poor english
here is my e-mail

KEV said...

thanks for lettin us know what "drawing pretty sick" means lol...because i had NO idea.