Sunday, February 18, 2007


this is taylor she has a big mouth
well this was a drawing i did in the park it didnt take as long i i thought it would around 10-15 minuts the guy and his friends loved it but they had no money... i always do some pretty kool ones when they have no cash

sketch i did of my onesies last night around 2:30 a.m. i called my girlfriend and she was pissed i woke her to tell her i drew a pic =] i love her... but anywho i was lookin at a drawin joe did of aaron and wanted to duplicate the same angle, becaused i had tried it once and it SUCKED! so i thik i may have gotten it right, well almost i justdidnt see what he did of the part under the chin.

im sick of the same bodies we do at work so kevin and i decided to start making some one of our own, but i want mine to have the correct anatomy but still cartoony. oh yeha theres a tiny drawign of bryan and nate in there also

linz, at a draw party

A girl with a good face to draw from one of the caricatrue training classes. the next day bryan decided so show them to the class.....i guess its good i wanna color this in photo-chop and skrew!

Me and my wife marissa...were both UGLY! =] no her boobs aren't that big and i drew this cuz one day i was talkin with kevin sayin it would be funny if i drew marissa in my mouth sorta like a kangaroo pouch

a kid a training class...
looks JUST like him

tis kevin
yes tis not its... stupid

Thursday, February 08, 2007

new things

park sketch i did of myself

bradon one mo again


This is Aaron Philby.

well this is niggy.
i drew this after seein a fellow artist draw him so i wanted to give it a shot